Tapestry 5.3.4 Demos : Welcome

Some of my other Tapestry web applications.

Below are some demonstrations on Tapestry 5.
Custom Components
Components and Mixins
Components Documentation Online Demos
CheckboxGroup CheckboxGroup page
ColorPicker ColorPicker page
Dynamic Select Dynamic Select page
(only tested in FireFox 3 in IE 6)
N2WTextField N2WTextField page
PageLinkPopup PageLinkPopup page
SyntaxHighlighter SyntaxHighlighter page
Tab A lightweight tab component.
TitlePane TitlePane page
Tooltip Tooltip page

Mixins Documentation Online Demos
Confirm Confirm page
MaxLength MaxLength page
OnSelectChangeActionLink OnSelectChangeActionLink page
Watermark Watermark

All the above components and mixins are in lombok- which could be downloaded from Google code. To inform Tapestry the above components are avilable, you need to add the following to your AppModule.java.
    public static void contributeComponentClassResolver(Configuration<LibraryMapping> configuration)
        // Creates a virtual root pacakge for pages,components.
        configuration.add(new LibraryMapping("lombok", "net.sf.lombok"));
Sample code and technique
Examples on core components and mixins
  1. @ActivationRequestParameter
  2. ActionLink
  3. AjaxFormLoop
  4. Autocomplete mixin
  5. Block
  6. Block Demo 2 Retrieve blocks from another page.
  7. Checklist
  8. DateField
  9. FormFragment Demo one
  10. FormFragment Demo two
  11. Grid
  12. Kaptcha component
  13. Palette
  14. ProgressiveDisplay
  15. Radio and RadioGroup .
  16. @RequestParameter .
  17. Select with an inline model
  18. Select with an inline model with value-label pairs
  19. Select with an inline Map model
  20. Select with an EumSelectModel
  21. Select with an OptionModel
  22. Select with Zone Update a zone using Select.
  23. Tree Demo
  24. Zone with ActionLink Update a zone using ActionLink
  25. ZoneRefresh Mixin
  26. ZoneRefresh mixin and AjaxResponseRenderer. A port of Stockwatcher example from GWT using ZoneRefresh mixin and AjaxResponseRenderer.

Sample codes and technique
  1. An example on Parent Child Window. The entered information in the child window is used to refresh the parent window.
  2. A demo on integrating GWT with Tapestry 5.
  3. A tapestry page to sum up to five numbers. An example use of the Loop component.
  4. An example on submit component with context parameter.
  5. A CRUD example on Tapestry-Hibernate.
  6. A CRUD example on Tapestry-JPA.
  7. A CRUD example on Tapestry-Spring and Hibernate.
  8. An example on using the Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI) Menu component .
  9. An example on validation on a TextField in a Loop component.
  10. An example on cross validation on two TextFields in a Loop component, and the Loop component is inside another component.
  11. An example on creating a validator for a TextField at runtime.

Example on Tapx components
The 1.2-SNAPSHOTS version of Tapx is used in the following example.

  1. YUI RichTextEditor component
  2. Confirm mixin
  3. DateField component
  4. plain binding prefix

Example on Tapestry5-HighCharts
Below are a few examples on using Tapestry5-HighCharts, which integrates HighCharts with Tapestry. The following examples uses Tapestry5-HighCharts version 1.2.1-SNAPSHOT and Tapestry5-JQuery version 3.3.3. A summary on how to set up Tagestry5-HighCharts and Tapestry5-JQuery in a Tapestry5 application is given below. More details could be found on Tagestry5-HighCharts and Tapestry5-JQuery's websites.
  • Add HighchartsModule to your Tapestry application module.
  • Add the following to your application module.
                     public static void contributeApplicationDefaults(
                         MappedConfiguration< String, String> configuration)
                        configuration.add(JQuerySymbolConstants.SUPPRESS_PROTOTYPE, "false");
                         configuration.add(JQuerySymbolConstants.JQUERY_ALIAS, "$j");
  1. Example of a chart which is entirely specified in JavaScript.
  2. Example of a chart which is entirely specified in Java.
  3. Example of a chart which is specified in Java and JavaScript.

Html5 Examples
In Tapestry 5.3, a template without a <!DOCTYPE> is parsed as if it had the HTML Doctype <!DOCTYPE html>> (please see here). Hence no special set up is required to use Html 5 in Tapestry template.

Tapestry and Spring Security
Tapestry IOC
Tapestry IOC
  1. An example on using chain of command
  2. An example on using the strategy builder

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