Tapestry 5.4.3 Demos (in progress) : Dynamic Select

Two clones of the Select component are provided to create a parent and child dependency. The list in the ChildSelect is dependent on the vaue of the ParentSelect. ParentSelect is a clone of the usual Select component but with the following difference. The options in the ChildSelect is updated using javascript.

The following are the parameters of the ChidSelect component. Note that it does not need a ValueEncoder.


Parameter name Type Required Default Default Prefix Description
models List <SelectModel> yes   prop A list of SelectModel one for each possible entry in the ParentSelect
parent Select yes   component The ParentSelect that drives this ChildSelect
defaultOptions List<OptionModel> no  null prop A list of default OptionModels-one for each entry in models
value Object yes   prop The selected OptionModel.value.