Tapestry 5.4.3 Demos (in progress) : Tooltip

The Tooltip component displays a tooltip, which is supplied by the user as a piece of html code, when the mouse is over the enclosed object. As the tooltip is a piece of html code, the tooltip could be text, list, image or a combination of the above. A user could format the tooltip by associating the tooltip with a CSS id or class selector. This component has been tested on Firefox 1.5 and IE 6 only.

Parameter name Type Required Default Default Prefix Description
tooltipContent java.lang.String yes   prop The tooltip to be displayed. It is expected to be a piece of html code.
xoffset int yes   prop If the mouse is at (x,y), then the top left hand corner of the tooltip will be at (x+xoffset, y+yoffset).
yoffset int yes   prop Please see the description for xoffset.
element java.lang.String no   prop If given (eg <tr >), then the body of this component will be rendered inside the tag, specified by element. Also, informal parameters are included.
disabled boolean no false prop When set to true, no tooltip is displayed when the mouse is over the enclosed element.
staticFlag boolean no false prop When set to true, the displayed tooltip will stay at the same position as the mouse moves.
timeout int no 0 prop If timeout is positive, the tooltip will be visible for at most timeout milliseconds. The tooltip will disappear when it is timeouted or the mouse left the associated object, whichever happens first.

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